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The Finisar Software Maintenance Program provides our customers with ongoing product support, product updates, software downloads, tips and articles to keep our products on the leading edge of industry technology to optimize our products' utility. It protects your investment by providing you with the latest releases of our software products. These new versions won't just be bug fixes and minor tweaks like other companies provide. They will include significant new features and enhancements to ensure that the product you own today will be better tomorrow. For example, last year our Serial ATA customers were the first in the world to be able to analyze SATA II traffic, just by downloading the new software release.

The annual cost of the program is a flat percentage of the list price of each Bus Doctor™ analyzer or PacketMaker™ that is purchased. And the cost of the first year's contract is included in the purchase price of the product, so there's no additional cost until the second year. Since the contract is based on the price of the analyzers, you pay the same no matter how many pods you add to them. In order to accommodate our customers' needs, we also offer the option of paying for multiple years upon purchase of the analyzer.

The program entitles customers to access their own dedicated website for information, downloads and updates. The serial number of the analyzer is required to access the customer service website. When your account is set up, simply enter the serial number of the analyzer and password at the prompt and your information will be displayed from our database to customize your web interface. If your contract is not current, you will be informed that you need to renew your contract in order to download new versions of the software.

By storing your product information in our database, we will be able to contact you with reminders when new software or product updates become available.


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