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Customer Testimonials

Finisar receives many complimentary comments from our customers - a few of which are reproduced here. If you use our products and have a story to share, please contact Steve Wong.

Maxtor logo

"Late last year while in the development of the first SATA product for Maxtor, we experienced several technical issues related to our manufacturing test processes. With the use of the Finisar Bus Doctor, the technical staff had the ability to troubleshoot and develop firmware solutions for our manufacturing hurdles.

Without the use of the Finisar Bus Doctor and its trace capabilities, our solutions would have taken many more months to take the product high volume. We used various other analyzers during this time but the Bus Doctor was used exclusively to make our first SATA product a huge success."

Brad Yates, Senior Manager
Advanced Test Development Group
Maxtor Corporation, USA


MSI logo

"A year ago, we began to use Finisar's Bus Doctor Analyzer as a debugging tool to assist us with our development work with IDE devices. Almost immediately we found the Bus Doctor to be extremely useful. Its portability allows us to move the unit from lab to lab; the user-friendly but powerful GUI allows our firmware engineers to quickly learned to use the tool. But perhaps its greatest value lies in the fact that it helped us get to root cause of many problems that we were experiencing.

One recent example was when we were encountering several problems with our CD-ROM drives; the problems were elusive and difficult to pinpoint. With the Finisar's Bus Doctor Analyzer, we were able to in a very short amount of time resolved these issues; without the Analyzer, it could have taken us three or more months to pinpoint and troubleshoot these problems. We are a satisfied customer and user of Finisar's products."

Steven Chu, Engineering Manager
MSI Corporation, Taiwan


Seagate logo

"Seagate wanted to introduce SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) to the technical community by providing the first operational demonstration of the interface on a Cheetah drive at the prestigious CeBit show in Hanover, Germany, in March of 2003.

With no SAS HBAs available to hook the drive to a host system, we asked Finisar to be our development partner. As a leader in the technology, not only did Finisar have a functional SAS Tester, they also had a Protocol Analyzer to bring to the partnership. From the offset we had a winning team which resolved issues, met deadlines and brought SAS to realization in a working demo."

Willis Whittington, Senior Manager/Interface Planning
Seagate Corporation, USA



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