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SCSI I - 320

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D A T A    T R A N S I T    S C S I    P R O D U C T S

  Bus Doctor SCSI protocol analyzer bus pod  

SCSI, or small computer system interface (pronounced 'scuzzy'), is a robust and widely accepted interface for storage and other computer peripheral devices. SCSI offers a variety of connector options and daisy-chaining capabilities.

Over the years, SCSI has evolved into a stable, fast parallel interface. The most recent innovaton, Ultra 320, has a throughput of up to 320MB/s.

Finisar's SCSI analysis product supports SCSI I through 320. The following is a summary of the SCSI bus specifications over the years.

MB/S Bus Width, bits Max Devices
SCSI-1 5 8 8
Fast SCSI 10 8 8
Fast Wide SCSI 20 16 16
Ultra SCSI 20 8 8
Wide Ultra SCSI 40 16 16
Ultra2 SCSI 40 8 8
Wide Ultra2 SCSI 80 8 8
Ultra3 SCSI or Ultra160 160 16 16
Ultra320 SCSI 320 16 16

To learn more about SCSI, visit the following websites:


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