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PacketMaker™ II Traffic Generator for Serial ATA (SATA)

The Serial ATA (SATA) PacketMaker II (PM2) is a versatile SATA traffic generator capable of host and device emulation with an integrated SATA recorder. All SATA primitives are supported. In addition, PM2 supports ATAPI. Users can work at the bit, byte, Dword, packet or command level.

The product provides a complete solution for test environments ranging from R&D to production.

screen capture


  • Four 1.5 Gb/s Full Duplex SATA Ports A card can generate and receive traffic on 1 to 4 SATA ports.

  • Sequence Control Packets Send packets, wait-for packets, branch packets, compare packets and more.

  • Hot-Plug Connectivity Simulates hot-plug events by forcing the Tx lines into common-mode voltage.

  • Control / Command Registers Allows user to modify all SATA Control and Command Registers.

  • Data Sream Creation Enables easy payload generation using several data streams, including walking 1s, incrementing patterns, random patterns, and user files.

  • Programmable Error Generation Capable of sending many types of bit and protocol errors.

  • Dynamic Error Injection Allows user insertion of errors onto the SATA bus in real time.

  • Event Logging Logs several key events, such as Errors Transmitted and Data Mis-compares.

  • Activity Log Contains the information received and transmitted on the links in the past 1 ms.

  • Wait States User may set the amount of time to wait before sending the next packet. This can range from 26.67 ns to 8 hours.

  • Built-In Diagnostics Verifies device functionality using built-in diagnostics such as a Power On Self Test or Out of Band Signaling.

  • Monitoring Interfaces Additional tools include Mictor™ connectors to monitor PHY activity, probe test points, and an auxiliary power connector

  • Trigger Out Trigger out packets which allow placement of trigger points within any location in a packet stream.

PacketMaker Software

Packet Development Software - Simple to use GUI interface that easily allows creation and generation of packet streams as well as bus monitoring.

API Toolkit Provides an API (Application Programming Interface) toolkit to generate packet streams and send traffic using C functions.

The PM2 is designed to be used in PC compatible systems with the following characteristics:
  • Windows® XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional operating system

  • Intel® Pentium® IV 2.0 GHz or faster processor

  • A minimum of 256 MB system RAM

  • 32 or 64 bit PCI bus socket for insertion of PM2, operating at 33 or 66 MHz. (most PCI-X sockets are capable of 66 MHz operation)

  • PC case capable of accommodating a PCI board 5.7 inches in height (not including fingers).


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