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PacketMaker SAS photo

Supported Bus Protocols:

- Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

PacketMaker is the most flexible traffic generation product for high-speed serial storage busses. This bus exerciser is a great tool for developers of devices and controllers. PacketMaker was specifically designed for the unique requirements of high-speed serial bus protocols like Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI, and is the first such product for these protocols.

The software allows you to send traffic on the bus and wait for desired responses before continuing your packet stream. The product is flexible enough to allow you to send illegal packet structures, field values, and other errors to test your product's error handling. You may also use vendor-specific field structures, values and OPCODEs. You can create libraries of complete and partial packet streams for future use. This means you can create your own test suites.

PacketMaker started as a Windows-based application and a USB-based hardware pod. Now in its second generation, PacketMaker II is now a PCI-based traffic generator card with both a Windows base GUI and a software API. Though it may be used independently as a bus exerciser, the PacketMaker II traffic generator is the perfect companion to the Bus Doctor protocol analyzer.


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