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Fibre Channel Custom Filters for the Bus Doctor Analyzer

The Bus Doctor Protocol Analyzer custom filter feature gives you powerful options to control the traffic you capture to ease your analysis or just to maximize your buffer usage. The Edit Filter menu consists of two sections - Pause, and Continue. The pause section has 3 pause counters, each capable of counting an OR of two terms. The counters can each count up to 65535 occurrences of the OR'ed terms, before pausing the capture. Once paused, the capture is stopped until a Continue term is found. The Continue terms are logically OR'ed, and all pause counters are reset whenever a continue term is found. If a bus event satisfies both a Pause term and a Continue term simultaneously, the Continue has top priority.

Fibre Channel for Bus Doctor Analyzer Custom Filter screen shot


You may easily define each term by using the following screen which contains the options for your protocol at a High Level:

Fibre Channel for Bus Doctor Analyzer Custom Filter High Level Terms screen shot


The Signal-Level Terms Menu allows you to modify any or all of the bits (channels/signals) that a of which a term consists. This menu is useful when the you want to select a single signal or modify a term which was created by the High-Level Terms.

Fibre Channel for Bus Doctor Analyzer Custom Filter Signal Level Terms screen shot


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