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PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer photo PCI Express logo

The PCI Express analyzer pod turns the Bus Doctor into a full-featured protocol analyzer, with the depth, ease-of-use, protocol decoding and statistics needed by software and systems testers. It also provides the features needed by hardware engineers including multi-level triggering, filtering, state configuration and timing analysis of PCI Express transfers. It probes passively to keep original signals intact adding no latency. An external LED on the Pod indicates static signals such as errors and link status.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


Command Listing
All of the trace's commands are summarized in this display. This window shows the store number of the first event associated with the command, the Address, Packet Type, and Timestamp that may be displayed as either the relative elapsed time since the previous command or the absolute time from a user-definable origin.

State Listing
The State Listing displays a list of all of the captured events. For each even, this display shows the reference Store Number, the Timestamp(relative or absolute) and the Data for each lane, Count and Description. It also shows that the system can capture bi-directional transfers from x1, x2, x4 traffic and can capture one direction of traffic in x8. The user may set two markers, X and 0, with a mouse click. An advanced 12 level find sequencer may be used to search through the buffer to find exact patterns or specific events.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


Timing Waveform
The Timing Waveform shows a signal level representation of the trace, each row representing a channel or channel group from the bus pod. The user may reorder rows or change the colors as desired. Data may be displayed in the, decimal, binary or ASCII formats. The data from the different lanes are clearly labeled. The resolution of the display is 4ns(250Mhz).

The Histogram's primary purpose is a navigation aid, showing an overall view of the entire trace. Commands, data, and errors are shown in blue, green, and red, respectively. A user Term may also be defined and is shown in purple. Clicking in this window or anywhere in the Command, State Listing or Timing Waveform displays will synchronize all of the displays.

This Bus Doctor Pod is compatible with:
Bus Doctor Rx  

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PCI Express Displays
At the Command level, the PCI express analyzer provides a big-picture view for testers who are troubleshooting system-level or application-level issues. The State display provides byte-level access details for users who need to monitor PCI Express software, device drivers or firmware. For hardware engineers, the Timing Waveform display provides for analysis of PCI Express signal activity

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot



PCI Express Capturing
The PCI Express analyzer provides multiple predefined capture configurations:

  1. Timing Mode (Store all transitions)
  2. State Mode (Captures bidirectional traffic)
    • Primitives
    • TLP
    • DLLP
    • Errors

Custom State Modes can also be created.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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PCI Express Triggering
The PCI-X Analyzer provides high-level trigger configurations for most common trigger scenarios. The high-level triggers provide drop-down boxes that enable the user to select specific commands, addresses, etc from a list without memorizing codes or positions. Users can also create and save custom triggers.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot

The Pre/Post adjustment bar controls the ratio of captured data before or after the trigger position. The Auto re-run feature makes it possible to capture multiple traces overnight or over the weekend automatically.


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PCI Express Analyzer Trace Filtering
The PCI-X Analyzer provides commonly used high-level filter configurations. Many of the high-level filters provide drop-down boxes for configuration options. Users can also create and save custom filters.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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PCI Express Statistics
The Real-Time Monitor can be easily configured by the user for almost any type of Statistical or Bit Error Rate measurement desired.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot

The Real-Time Statistics menu reports what the bus is doing currently, comparing each instantaneous parameter with its average and peak performance levels. It is preconfigured for certain common statistical measurements, but can be easily reconfigured by the user for almost any type of metric desired. The configurations can be saved and loaded for future use. The results may be exported to a text file.

PCI Express Post Capture Statistics
The Post-Capture Statistics tools give the user the power to define which statistics to collect and analyze with this flexible tool. The screen also provides analysis of four sets of any two terms. The configuration may be saved for future use. The results may be saved in text format.

PCI Express Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot



Protocols, Standards, & Speed

PCI Express Standards:
PCI Express x1
PCI Express x2
PCI Express x4
PCI Express x8

PCI Express 1.0 supported

2.5 Ghz per lane




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