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Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer

Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer photo

The Logic Pod turns the Bus Doctor into a full-featured logic analyzer, with the depth, ease-of-use, symbolic decoding and statistics needed by software and systems testers. It also provides the features needed by hardware engineers including multi-level triggering, filtering, state configuration and timing analysis. Each Logic Pod has 18 channels for logic analysis.

Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


This Bus Doctor Pod is compatible with:
Bus Doctor Rx  

Logic Displays
The State display provides event-level access details for users who need to monitor software, device drivers or firmware. Signals can be grouped and decoded as Binary, Hex, ASCII, Decimal, Signed Decimal or Symbolically. Once groups are created and the display format is chosen, trigger and filter terms can be created at a high level. Each one of the analyzer's 108 channels can be used as a clock or qualifier. For hardware engineers, the Timing Waveform display provides for analysis of Logic signal activity.

Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot



Logic Capturing
The Logic analyzer provides 2 predefined capture configurations:

  1. Timing Mode
  2. State Mode

Custom State Modes can also be created.

Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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Logic Triggering
The user can create and save custom triggers including operations such as:

  • Trigger if Two Events are too close in time
  • Trigger if Two events are too far apart in time
  • Trigger on the 10,000th occurrence of Event X or Y
  • Trigger on sequence of up to 10 events

Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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Logic Analyzer Grouping
The Logic analyzer software allows you to define groups of signals by name. You may use these named groups throughout the analyzer software for custom capture modes, defining triggers, and setting up custom filters.

Logic Analyzer Trace Filtering
The analyzer allows you to define custom filters. You may use the pre-defined signal group names from the Define Terms High Level menu or define your filter from the Signal Level menu.


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Logic Statistics
The Real-Time Monitor can be easily configured by the user for almost any type of Statistical or Bit Error Rate measurement desired.

Logic Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot



Protocols, Standards, & Speed

Protocols & Standards:
18 Channels per pod

250MHz (4ns) resolution




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