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Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer photo

The Fibre Channel Pod turns the Bus Doctor into a full-featured protocol analyzer, with the depth, ease-of-use, protocol decoding and statistics needed by software and systems testers. The Fibre Channel Pod supports both 2 Gigabit and 1 Gigabit speeds. Filtering is configurable for each direction, allowing the user to specify Idles, Primitives, Headers, Payloads, Errors and SCSI Commands/Responses. It provides features needed by hardware engineers including multi-level triggering, filtering, state configuration and timing analysis of Fibre Channel packets. In addition, it shows the 10b data value when errors occur.

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


This Bus Doctor Pod is compatible with:
Bus Doctor Rx  


Fibre Channel Displays
At the Command level, the Fiber Channel analyzer provides a big-picture view for testers who are troubleshooting system level or application level issues. The pod supports FC-PH-2, FC-AL-2 and packetized SCSI. The software supports all Op/Status codes defined in FCP-2. Users can modify them to support vendor-unique codes as well.

The State display provides decoding of each Double-word transfer for users needing to monitor Fibre Channel software, device drivers or firmware. If you want to see the code group name, 10b data patterns, running disparity and for each event, just mouse-over the data column and a pop-up window will show you the information.

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot



Fibre Channel Capturing
The Fibre Channel analyzer provides multiple predefined capture configurations. Each of these options can be enabled or disabled as needed. All the options are configurable in either direction:

  • Timing Mode (Store all transitions)
  • State Mode - All Errors
  • State Mode - Ordered Sets (include idles)
  • State Mode - Frame Headers
  • State Mode - Frame Payloads
    • User selectable payload type
    • User selectable DWORDS on which to capture

Custom State Modes can also be created.

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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Fibre Channel Triggering
The Fibre Channel Analyzer provides high-level trigger configurations for most common triggering scenarios. The high-level triggers provide drop-down boxes that enable the user to select specific commands, addresses, etc. from a list without memorizing opcodes or positions. Users can also create and save custom triggers.

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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Fibre Channel Analyzer Trace Filtering
Users can create and save custom capture filters. After capturing, the Show/Hide control allows you to designate which protocols are displayed in the Command Listing and which portions of the frames are displayed in the State Listing.

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot


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Fibre Channel Statistics
The Real-Time Monitor can be easily configured so you can see interesting and usable bus statistics while taking a trace or at any other time.

Fibre Channel Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer screen shot



Protocols, Standards, & Speed

Protocols & Standards:
Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH)
Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)
Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI (FCP)

1.062 Gb/sec
2.125 Gb/sec




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