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1394a (Firewire) Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer

1394a (Firewire) Pod for Bus Doctor Analyzer

The 1394 Pod turns the Bus Doctor into a full-featured protocol analyzer - with the depth, ease-of-use, protocol decoding and statistics needed by software and systems testers. The 1394a pod supports asynchronous and isochronous transfers, decodes the AV/C and SBP-2 (SCSI) protocols and provides a topology display. It provides the features needed by hardware engineers including multi-level triggering, filtering, state configuration and timing analysis of 1394/FireWire transfers.

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot


This Bus Doctor Pod is compatible with:
Bus Doctor Rx  

1394a Displays
The Command Listing provides a view at the Packet level, the 1394/FireWire analyzer provides a big-picture view for testers who are troubleshooting system-level or application-level issues. The State Listing display provides byte-level access details for users who need to monitor 1394 software, device drivers or firmware. For hardware engineers, the Timing Waveform display provides for analysis of 1394 Link Signal activity. It features 3 different 1394 ports for easy connection and acts as a repeater on the bus.

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot



1394a Capturing
The 1394 analyzer provides both timing modes and state modes. In state mode, the capture can be configured to include:

  1. Async Packets
  2. Broadcast Packets (cycle starts)
  3. Isoch Packets
  4. Bus Reset
  5. Arb Gaps
  6. Sub Gaps
  7. Ack Packets
  8. Node ID

Custom State Modes can also be created.

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot


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1394a Triggering
The 1394 Analyzer provides high-level trigger configurations for most common triggering scenarios. The high-level triggers provide drop-down boxes that enable the user to select specific Tcodes, Commands, Addresses, etc. from a list without memorizing codes or positions. Users can also create and save custom triggers.

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot


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1394a Analyzer Trace Filtering
The 1394 Analyzer provides commonly used high-level filter configurations. Some of the high-level filters provide drop-down boxes for configuration options. Options include: storing the first quadlets only, a specific Dest ID only, or a specific channel only. Users can also create and save custom filters.

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot


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1394a Statistics
The Real-Time Monitor can be easily configured by the user for almost any type of Statistical or Bit Error Rate measurement desired.

Bus Doctor 1394a (Firewire) Pod screen shot



Protocols, Standards, & Speed

Protocols & Standards:
SBP-2 SCSI Commands
AV/C Commands





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