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Data Transit Launches Third Generation Protocol Traffic Generator for Serial Attached SCSI

3Gb/s SAS Bus exerciser increases speed and test capability

SAS Plugfest, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory, Durham, NH. (June 22, 2004) -- Data Transit Corporation, the leader in SAS and SATA Analysis and Traffic Generators introduces the 3 Gb/s SAS Packetmaker™. This is a third generation SAS traffic generator built on feedback from major storage customers. Previous generations of this product line have been instrumental in supporting the early development of SAS protocol based devices in the storage industry. This sequel in the PacketMaker line of products continues to support all SAS protocols including SSP, STP, SMP and SATA protocols. This product is a valuable tool for test environments ranging from R&D, to manufacturing to production.

SAS PacketMaker II is a 64-bit PCI card that operates in a 32 or 64-bit socket in a Windows based PC. This card can transmit and receive traffic on one or two SAS links with each link capable of emulating a host or device. Links can also be configured to work together or separately for wide port operation. In addition, two cards can be operated together to simulate up to 4 SAS links or ports. This product gives engineers the ability to have synchronized control over multi-lane traffic and simulate real world devices. The card can be programmed to simulate traffic and error conditions such as CRC, coding and disparity errors. SAS Frames can also be altered to change parameters in fields, add additional fields or manipulate data fields with dynamic data.

"Our customers are very pleased with the 3 Gb/s SAS PacketMaker", said Dale Smith, Founder, President and CTO of Data Transit, "We are consistently adding new features to satisfy our customer's requirements. For example, PacketMaker can now control the duration and frequency of OOB timing for COMINIT, COMSAS and COMWAKE. This makes it possible to catch rare timing conditions not easily detected by other equipment."

Additional software packages supported on the 3Gb/s SAS Packetmaker™ are the Packetmaker™ development system and the SAS Validation Test(SVT) software. These new applications build on the PacketMaker's powerful SAS interface capabilities. Powerful software applications like these allow SCSI test scripts, SAS verification tests, and PHY/link/transport software layer prototyping traffic to be created and run.

Data Transit is accepting orders for this product and is planning on shipping beginning June 30, 2004. Contact Data Transit for additional information.


About Data Transit
Founded in 1990, Data Transit designs, manufactures and sells the Bus Doctor™ line of protocol analyzers and the new PacketMaker™ traffic generators. Data Transit has grown from a niche storage analysis product provider to be a major player in the test and measurement industry. The company's mission is to offer the best analysis tools for complex development environments such as network servers and storage area networks, SANs. Its Bus Doctor modular approach allows users to attach different bus pods to a single analyzer as needed. This unique methodology provides customers with a superior value proposition while giving them the advantage of using a single tool for multiple applications. The Bus Doctor is also differentiated from its competitors by its powerful triggering, large trace buffers and multiple-bus analysis capabilities with a single reference clock and cross triggering. Data Transit supports fifteen busses including Serial ATA, PCI Express, Serial Attached SCSI, Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, iSCSI, PCI, ATA/ATAPI, SCSI, USB and others. Visit for more information.


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