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Data Transit Integrates the Extreme Protocol Solutions SAS/SATA Development Software

Storage Companies can reduce SAS Test and Development Times with PacketMaker™ II Development System

San Jose, CA. (February 18, 2004) -- Data Transit Corporation, the leading supplier of modular bus protocol analyzers and Extreme Protocol Solutions, a leader in storage test solutions have signed an agreement to integrate Extreme Protocol Solutions products with the Packetmaker II for SAS/SATA to provide a groundbreaking combination of power and ease of use. Never before has the low level power and functionality of a custom board been merged with such a sophisticated, easy to use interface.

PacketMaker II is a flexible traffic generator capable of creating and modifying frames at the low and high levels of the SAS/SATA protocol. The bundled product will be known as the PacketMaker Development System and will provide unprecedented ease of use to Data Transit's PacketMaker II hardware through Extreme Protocol Solutions' graphical user interface and high level scripting language. PacketMaker II's industry leading functionality will now be made accessible to everyone regardless of prior programming experience or SAS/SATA expertise.

This powerful combination will reduce the overall expenditure of time and resources for SAS product development. Companies introducing a new storage protocol based product will typically spend several months developing new test scripts for it. These new tools not only provide scripts but a superior test environment allowing for hundreds of devices to be run simultaneously.

"We want to provide best of class tools for manufacturing and test," said Dale Smith, Founder, President and CTO of Data Transit. "The combination of Data Transit's PacketMaker II and Extreme Protocols Solutions' software provides engineers with the ability to work at a high level normally with the option to drill down to the lowest levels of a protocol with a packet-oriented GUI when necessary."

Three SAS/SATA focused PacketMaker II test tools are now available that will dramatically cut the development process and time-to-market of new SAS/SATA devices. Extreme SCSI combines powerful utilities, media tools and canned tests with the ability to issue any SCSI command to any device running the SAS or SATA protocols. The Extreme Manufacturing test environment is designed for SAS/SATA peripheral testing as well as manufacturing, DVT, ORT, incoming inspection and final inspection. This level of quality testing and statistical data gathering provide powerful and meaningful results in any stage of testing. Scriptgen is an easy to use tool for rapidly creating simple or complex test scripts. It comes with an extensive library of canned tests for SAS/SATA devices which can perform data integrity testing, complex looping, conditional branching, sophisticated error handling and much more for engineering test and manufacturing.

"We are constantly searching for ways to improve our solutions and make our customers successful," said Roger Gagnon, President and CEO of Extreme Protocols Solutions. "It's exciting because this level of functionality combined with such a sophisticated interface has never been seen before in our industry. Joining forces with a leader in the SAS protocol market will provide unprecedented functionality to all of our customers."

For the first time customers can now run comprehensive test scripts on SAS/SATA hardware. Anyone testing SAS/SATA devices or hosts in a development or manufacturing environment will find these tools essential.

Data Transit is accepting orders for this product and is planning on shipping beginning February 18, 2004. Contact Data Transit for additional information.

View the Packetmaker Development System at Extreme Protocol Solutions.


About Data Transit
Founded in 1990, Data Transit designs, manufactures and sells the Bus Doctor™ line of protocol analyzers and the new PacketMaker™ traffic generators. Data Transit has grown from a niche storage analysis product provider to be a major player in the test and measurement industry. The company's mission is to offer the best analysis tools for complex development environments such as network servers and storage area networks, SANs. Its Bus Doctor modular approach allows users to attach different bus pods to a single analyzer as needed. This unique methodology provides customers with a superior value proposition while giving them the advantage of using a single tool for multiple applications. The Bus Doctor is also differentiated from its competitors by its powerful triggering, large trace buffers and multiple-bus analysis capabilities with a single reference clock and cross triggering. Data Transit supports fifteen buses including Serial ATA, PCI Express, Serial Attached SCSI, Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, iSCSI, PCI, ATA/ATAPI, SCSI, USB and others.

About Extreme Protocol Solutions
Extreme Protocol Solutions develops, manufactures, and markets software solutions to test Fibre Channel, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, ATA and SATA peripherals. Our products are used by all major storage manufacturers, system integrators and OEM's. With unrivaled functionality, innovation, and ease of use, we stand apart from our competition. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and support. Our mission is simple, provide the highest quality products, the fastest technical support turn-around and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. We are exceedingly proud of our products and our service and hope that as a customer you will find both to be of the highest quality.

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