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Data Transit Corporation Announces First Protocol Traffic Generator for Serial Attached SCSI

SAN JOSE, Calif. (January 31, 2003) -- Data Transit Corporation, the leading supplier of modular bus protocol analyzers, today announced it has shipped the world's first protocol traffic generator for the new Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) bus. Last year, Data Transit introduced its new traffic generator product line, PacketMaker™, and shipped the first traffic generator for the Serial ATA (SATA) protocol. Both varieties of PacketMakers are available for shipment now.

"Our commitment to clearly be the leader in analysis products for the high-end storage, server and SAN markets is evident by our recent introductions," said Dennis Evans, president and COO, Data Transit Corporation. "We lead the market by a wide margin in SATA analyzers, we were the first to offer a SATA traffic generator, and we offer the only protocol analyzer and traffic generator for SAS."

Serial Attached SCSI is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel SCSI physical storage interface. Serial Attached SCSI offers much faster communication and easier configuration at about the same price as its parallel predecessor. It is anticipated that initial implementations of SAS storage products will be direct-attach configurations, especially in high-end storage area networks (SANs). SAS has the scalability and speed potential to be used as a communication protocol in a variety of storage and networking applications.

"The PacketMaker is a powerful product design and test tool that can be used independently or with our Bus Doctor™ analyzers," said Dale Smith, chairman and CEO, Data Transit Corporation. "PacketMaker has the power to simulate unlimited environments and error situations, so designers working with this leading-edge technology can get their products to market faster and with higher quality."

PacketMaker consists of a Windows-based application and a hardware pod that connects to a PC via a USB 2.0/1.1 port. The PacketMaker pod for SAS can emulate either a host or a device. The unique PacketMaker software user interface allows the user to easily put together packet streams to send over the bus, and tell the PacketMaker pod how to react to the traffic it receives.

Data Transit is currently shipping the PacketMaker for Serial Attached SCSI. For further information please contact Data Transit at 408.279.1555 or


About Data Transit
Founded in 1990, Data Transit designs, manufactures and sells the Bus Doctor™ line of protocol analyzers and the new PacketMaker™ traffic generators. Data Transit has grown from a niche storage analysis product provider to be a major player in the test and measurement industry. The company's mission is to offer the best analysis tools for complex development environments such as network servers and storage area networks, SANs.


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